Although many people have brilliant ideas, most of them are unfortunately either outdated or with no commercial value. We do not just think of a new, innovative idea, we make sure that this idea will eventually solve a current worldwide problem. Needs we usually look for are diseases with no treatments, or diseases that have high cost and unaffordable treatments, or disease with diagnosis difficulties or complications.


    Now that we know the problem, we start creating solutions that would simplify, lower costs, or enhance

    quality of healthcare services. We make sure that the solutions are safe and applicable.


    We look for certain market trends, and possible market demands. We determine where our beneficiaries are located, their age groups and preferences. We also study the technical and economic feasibility of the solution in selected markets.


    Now that we know that our solution is applicable, innovative, and commercially valuable, we start the scientific research. We do all the research from studying the microorganisms that cause the disease to the preclinical studies.


    When we have an innovative formula or prototype, we apply for patents in targeted markets, to ensure that our rights are reserved.


    After we are protected, and ready to commercialize, we develop the final product. At MonoJO we seek perfection; hence, we ensure that every detail is taken care of. At this stage, we start our commercialization campaigns.


    MonoJO’s aim is to spread biotech awareness in the region and create a research hub. Going global means creating wider awareness and enhancing people’s lives from all around the world. Going global also means establishing a name among big players.


    We do not stop by only achieving success on our own, we expand further by helping other seeds to grow. We invest in new healthcare innovations that are developed by Jordanian and Arab entrepreneurs through our daughter non-for profit company, ASRF.