Stability Studies

Cosmetic and personal care product expiration dates should be established as determined by shelf-life and stability testing. Any significant change from the normal aesthetic or microbial profile indicates a possible problem with product stability, which should be further investigated. We offer long-term and accelerated stability testing that is customized to your product specific needs.

Accelerated Testing is commonly used to screen samples for stability; however it may not be indicative of the shelf life all the time for all products. Accelerated shelf life testing is based on the idea that a product that is exposed to extreme conditions will perish at a faster rate than a product stored and used under normal conditions. Long-term Stability Testing of cosmetics and personal care products is very similar to the accelerated aesthetic test in that it tests for all the same characteristics; however the products in long-term are kept at room temperature or at temperatures for normal storage of the product for the full length of the shelf life.

We prefer to run a Long-term Stability Test alongside the accelerated test, at least the first time, to verify that your testing regimen is sufficient for your product. However, if the accelerated test meets your standards for quality then your product can be placed safely on the market while you await confirmation of the long-term stability test.

We preform physical, chemical, and microbial stability studies. We study the following characteristics of the products over the designated time of use.
- color
- odor
- pH
- viscosity
- ingredient’s concentration
- microbial limits

We provide costumed tests according to your product’s needs.

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