Cosmetics Safety and Efficacy Testing

Through our partners in Europe we can provide our customers in needed consultation in regards to PIF files (Product Information File) to let your cosmetic product to be in compliance with Europe regulations.

To enable your cosmetics to be placed on the market, we perform assessments in accordance with international standards.

We conduct analysis of regulated substances or potentially dangerous ingredients in our accredited laboratories. Efficacy studies are used to validate your products intended purpose, substantiate claims and to gain your competition. Product efficacy claims must be substantiated through industry standard testing. Usually, only performance claims (Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist Tested, Anti-aging, Skin elasticity) need to be validated. Safety testing ensures that your products are safe for consumers to use.

We offer tailored solutions that enable you to support your efficacy claims. We perform in vitro testing at our laboratories, and could conduct clinical-studies through our network labs.

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