Our Vision

Become a world class multi-functional biotechnology platform that provides a wide range of research services and medical innovations.

Our Mission

MonoJo aims to transfer its applied research in biotechnology to serve the world with unique medical products that have a major impact on people’s lives, worldwide environment, and economic well-being.

Our Values

  1. Honesty and professionalism.
  2. Hard work, team spirit, strong commitment and loyalty.
  3. Ensure safety and quality of innovation.
  4. Create value for our shareholders and stakeholders.
  5. Meet continuous needs and challenges of global healthcare community.
  6. Develop a code of ethics and accountability.
  7. Create awareness of biotech importance and increase the region’s competitiveness

Science at MonoJO :

At MonoJo, science is our core business. Our scientists work at the forefront of biotechnology research and collaborate with global experts to discover and develop therapies inspired from the nature.

MonoJO utilizes the latest and most advanced biotech techniques in discovering the therapeutic effects of many natural products, such as camel milk and dates. At MonoJO, innovation is the driving force, where the company is dedicated to creating innovative products that exceed the expectations of the customers.

At MonoJO, scientists and marketing employees are involved in the research process to help maximize the commercial success of the research products. Illnesses and diseases that do not have an effective treatment are discussed among team members to find new natural-based treatments.

MonoJO is now able to provide customized biotech, bio-based products, and services for those who prefer their products designed and tested by the experienced scientists at the innovative spirit-based facility, and those who are seeking advancement in their life and careers.