Bio similar from lab to market

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Posted on February 17, 2016, 4:51 pm

Monojo based company in collaboration with the International Labour Organization
(ILO) through the project (STED) and the Guidance Committee for the pharmaceutical sector

Theoretical and practical training aims to strengthen the capacity of pharmaceutical companies in the field of the use of biotechnology,

Training is one of the activities held in order to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of pharmaceutical enterprises in the private sector and increase their competitiveness through the optimal respond to the needs and requirements of the
accelerating markets.

So cordially invite you to participate in this training program, note that it does not result
In the companies involved or any material cost to attend the training
Scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, 3-4 \ 2 \ 2016 (theoretical training
In Amman-Jordan)
The days 7-8-9-10 / 2/2016 (practical training)
For those interested to attend please send your personal data and information


Or phone number +65161398 962

Be with us daily for more details and information on coaches allocated to the training