Soft selling skills course (24-1-2016)

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Posted on January 13, 2016, 8:54 am

Monojo offers large number of customized training courses that are available at different times in the year aiming to knowledge sharing plus trainee’s satisfaction.

• Date: 24.01.2016
• Duration: 25 hours
• Trainers: Monojo team.

Courses are suitable for:
• Pharmacists who are targeting sales representative and marketing career path.
• All personnel whose job is or includes: selling products, services, programs, projects, concepts or ideas.

Course name:
Soft selling skills

If you want to make selling easier for you, the course covers topics that helps you to qualify yourself for the post-graduation stage and also to improve your skills for professional life including the following topics:

- Basic selling skills
- Attitude conflict training
- Self-development.
- First impression and body language
- Active listening
- Time management.

Expected outcomes:
• understanding of sales to increase buyer motivations
• Interest your customers by developing selling skills.
• Effectively manage your time and tasks.
• Being familiar well with yours strengths and weaknesses
• Plus you will understand people.

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